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Production Services

Recording - record up to 24 tracks at the same time for you, your band, or ensemble in a large, acoustically pleasing room at the Hurt Mesa Music Production studio. Build on your existing projects or start from scratch.

Hurt Mesa Music can provide these services to individual tracks or mixed projects. Contact us for estimates.

Pitch correction - vocals and various instruments tuned to sound natural or with special effects

Tempo/Timing correction - drums, instruments, vocals, keyboards, and full tracks with solid timing and without loosing a human groove

Drum replacement - blend or replace your acoustic or MIDI drums with high-quality samples of recorded drums or synth drums

Add MIDI instruments - sampled bass, synthesizer bass, drums, classic and modern synthesizers, guitar, orchestral strings, brass, percussion, etc.

Add real instruments - electric bass, upright bass, drums, saxophone, rhythm and lead guitar, Steinway piano, Hammond organ, from top musicians.

Add vocal harmonies - software-based, realistic voices created from your vocal tracks.

Add vocal harmonies - male or female human vocals by top singers.

New arrangements - add or move verses, choruses, hooks to rearrange your track.

Beat enhancements - change the tempo, key, or instrumentation of your beat.

Noise reduction/removal - eliminate clicks, mouth noises, hum, and other unwanted sounds from your tracks.

Mixing - balancing the levels and location of your tracks in the stereo field, bring out vocals, help your tracks pump or rock according to your esthetic.

Mastering - preparing your mixed tracks for distribution on CD, Spotify, TuneCore, YouTube, etc. according to industry loudness standards.

Production Music - original soundtrack music created for your video project in a variety of styles including jazz, electronic, and orchestral.

Education/Consulting - Learn advanced music composition or Pro Tools audio editing techniques one-on-one online.

Audio Recording  $99 Per Hour

No charge for studio setup

Bulk pre-purchase (save 15%)

  • 6 Hours (1 day) $504.90
  • 12 Hours (2 days) $1009.80
  • 18 Hours (3 days) $1514.70
  • 24 Hours (4 days) $2019.60

Editing/Mixing/Mastering  $79 USD Per Hour

Free estimates based on your tracks, up to 3 revisions
Bulk pre-purchase (save 15%)
  • 3 Hours $201.45
  • 6 Hours $402.90
  • 9 Hours $604.35

Need it in a rush?

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