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Complete Music Production Services near Santa Fe, NM

Have your project professionally produced at Hurt Mesa! Whether you recorded tracks yourself, or want to start from scratch, Edward Harrington can help bring it to life!

Sometimes even great projects need a more professional sounding blend comparable to what you hear on iTunes or Spotify. Maybe you’ve done your part as a performing artist, and now need help with the technical side so your audio sounds awesome. Hurt Mesa can mix, master, even record additional parts for you.

Mixing and Mastering, too

What is mixing? If you have separate audio tracks in a DAW like Ableton, Sonar, or Pro Tools, then you’re on your way to getting a musical balance. Compression, EQ, and reverb help to sculpt tracks so they sit well together. Processing techniques can vary depending on your style of music. In short, mixing is balancing the levels of each instrument and voice according to the musical genre.

What is mastering? Mastering begins with a great mix, and achieves optimal loudness, width, and EQ balance for the style of music. Mastered tracks are comparable to other tracks in the album and in the marketplace.

What is production? In addition to mixing and mastering, production can include the addition of instrumental tracks, harmonizing vocals, adding or subtracting orchestral, even changing the order of verses and choruses.

Production often requires more time and creativity than mixing, and mastering is the least likely to change the character of your project. The mixing process can add life and excitement to your  project, but the best approach to mixing is to be tru to the artist's vision.

Credentialed, experienced production

Edward Harrington is an educator, musician, and engineer with certifications from Avid.

  • ProTools Certified Instructor at the User, Operator, and Expert levels
  • Over 30 years experience writing, performing, and recording music
  • Active Jazz and "classical" bassist and trombonist in Santa Fe, NM
  • Masters Degree in Music Composition, Doctorate in Education

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